Jeff Dehut, Illustration & Design

Jeff Dehut is a creative professional who has spent the last 4 years in game development in the roles of Game Designer, Artist and Animator.

His latest project is Bible Folks - FREE art resources packets for teachers of young Bible students. These are a collection of high quality illustrations and activities that encompass the major themes of the Bible.

Jeff is the creator of the tabletop game, Pocket Dungeon Quest and its first expansion, Don't Go Alone published by Breaking Games.

He currently has three published titles for iOS, Android and Steam; Draw a Stickman: Epic 2, Battlepillars and Draw a Stickman: Epic.

Jeff's expertise doesn't stop with mobile games, also a very proficient Illustrator and fluent in traditional and digital art production for print, web or mobile applications. His educational background is in Graphic Design and Photography. Basically, he's a rockstar Creative Professional who can handle nearly anything.

Rock your socks off with samples of Jeff's work in the creative field and then throw him a line.

Jeff Dehut - Game Design, Art and Animation reel.

I served as Creative Director & Artist (those are my arms) on this trailer for my first published game. The company's most viewed video on their YouTube channel, over 1 MILLION views!

Things I Know


Experience – 4 years of experience in Game Design, Art & Animation as well as traditional Graphic Design & Photography.

Illustrator – Trained in traditional mediums that carry over into digital production, Illustration is really where my talents shine! From full page illustrations, concept art, game sprites or logos, I can draw it all.

Game Designer – Making a game is easy, designing a game that is fun to play can be very difficult. It takes a careful balance between the right level of challenge and fun. I was given the opportunity to design many aspects of gameplay, especially the boss fights in Battlepillars for iOS and Android.

Game Artist  – Traditional and digital illustration powers combine to create character sprites and backgrounds. I was responsible for the majority of character sprites and menu designs for two mobile games.

Concept Artist – Taking a project from concept to completion is no small task. Using traditional and digital media to transform ideas into reality is my specialty. Including logo concepts, character designs, games or anything else that needs a creative reimagining.

Animator – Fluent in Adobe Flash, I created Character and User Interface animations for mobile games including Draw a Stickman: Epic and Battlepillars.

Graphic Designer – Web ads, email blasts, book covers and page layouts. Trained in Graphic Design for advertising, I understand how to catch your client's eye.

Prepress – At BlueCotton I was responsible for making sure each digital file coming through the Design Studio was ready for final screen printing production using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop


Adobe Creative Suite – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Flash. These are a few of my favorite things.

Traditional Art – Pen and Ink, Marker, Pencil, Chalk and Charcoal

Collaboration – I love working and thriving within a team of highly trained professionals!

Leadership – Working in a team of illustrators and animators I was able to provide art direction to combine everyone's greatest talents to create a comprehensive whole.

Innovation – I love thinking of new ideas that help move companies forward, save money or just make life easier